one of my best friends got married this summer.  it was such a cute, simple, fun wedding.  her color scheme was gray and yellow (isn't that everyone's these days?) and she had a croquet game, a vintage typewriter, and old doors at her garden reception. i wanted to get her a nice present but i didn't really want to just go to target and pick something out.  so i was walking around a little antique mall looking for the perfect thing when i saw a grain sack.  i loved it so i took it and ran, before i even had an idea of how to use it.

 i came up with a little tableware set for the new couple.
 now i realize this wouldn't be the ideal gift for every bride.....but for those like me who love the sweet, country, homespun look, it's perfect.
 this grain sack was such a find.  it was in good condition, had great colors, and lots of character.  and it was only $5.
 i also love how much the doilies add to the placemats.

so even though this isn't rocket science, i wanted to post a little how-to in case anyone had questions.

what you'll need:

a vintage grain sack and doilies (kind of optional--i've made cute placemats since these without either)
fabric scraps
2 yards of muslin
quilt batting


--rip the muslin: in half width-wise, then in half length-wise, then in half lengthwise again on each piece.

this will give you 8 of the same size rectangles.

--cut out or rip squares, rectangles, and strips of your fabric scraps.

i only used one grain sack so i cut out 4 substantial pieces to feature one on each placemat.

--arrange each placemat and topstitch (unless you quilted these, raw edges are inevitable but just add to the look)

--add a layer of quilt batting. make sure to match up all four corners or you will have trouble when they go through the wash.

--add another muslin on bottom to make a sandwich.  

--topstitch all four sides.

--rip four napkins out of a coordinating fabric, serge the sides.

--add a set of bowls to the placemats and napkins to make a complete gift.

--write a note (or in this case, sew one) and wrap it up.  

i liked this present because it was affordable, but i felt like i had spent so much time to make something i loved that the price didn't matter or make it cheap. was so hard to give away!  i wanted to keep these for myself.  

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