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there are a couple items that i have really been lusting over this summer and heading into fall.  i have been searching for the perfect pair of light leather oxfords for a month or two now.  i like this little vintage trend and i think they are so versatile.  i can picture myself wearing them both with skirts and skinny jeans. and as a student, these look especially nice for walking around campus since they are flats.

i finally found a pair i love at free people but they are a little pricey and are currently out of stock...


anyway, looking around on etsy the other day, i came across some vintage leather oxfords that were reminiscent of the free people oxfords and about 10 times cheaper:


 yay! i had to order them.  they arrived last week and i love them.  the shop owner was so cute, she even wrote a little note about their merit in the package.  check out her vintage shop, becky plants trees, on etsy.

another item i have been wanting since i got an email about them from refinery29 everywhere is this leather satchel from asos.  

i would love to prance around campus with this on my arm!  i think my laptop and a couple schoolbooks would fit perfectly in this little guy.  and the tan color is definitely my leather of choice.  once again, out of my price range.....but etsy came through again.  this is the look alike i found:

okay, so i realize neither the etsy shoes or bag look just like the new products i wanted to buy, but they both have their share of charm and character.  i'm actually not sure which i'd choose if money weren't an option.  i loved this little leather briefcase from ark's endeavors and i'm kicking myself that i didn't snatch it up right away!  i was only $20 or $25 and i guess some lucky person out there is getting use out of it!

so there are a couple of morals here.  i am obviously a little color blind outside of the light leather family.  shopping on etsy can be a cost friendly alternative to other stores. and you have to act fast if you want to become the owner these one-of-a-kind etsy items.

oh yeah....p.s.

i also found another really cute pair of oxfords on etsy that weren't my size:

but i love the floral laces!  two great trends in one perfect shoe.  i am going to try to track some cute laces down as another option for my new vintage oxfords.

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