set sail

lately i've been interested in trying to make bags. 
the problem is that i have so many ideas
 and it is hard for me to focus on just one. 
 me the kick start i've been needing.  
i was inspired by her contact paper screenprinting tutorial 
and used some techniques from it
 [i didn't have all of the right supplies so i kind of had to finagle it]  
during the screenprinting process, which became the pocket pieces.
when i went to hobby lobby to buy screenprinting ink, they didn't
have a navy blue. so i bought a royal blue and mixed it
with some black fabric paint to darken it.  the texture still seemed okay,
especially for a bag.  i probably wouldn't have done 
that if i was doing a t-shirt or other clothing item.
i just picked a geometric looking shape and went with it.

 supplies i used:
about a yard of very thick and stiff natural, unbleached cotton.
a bit of medium heavy-weight cotton for the contrast.
screenprinting ink, contact paper, embroidery hoop

i love this fabric for a bag.  i will definitely use it again.  i put 
it through the wash and i love the permanent wrinkles that
add to the rough aesthetic.  the natural cream fiber and feel of the fabric
reminded me of sailcloth.  combined with the color 
scheme, i thought this bag has a nautical feel. [hence the name]
i also was able to re-use a great industrial looking gray zipper i
took off of something else.

the pros:
i quite like the finished product and the embroidered lettering.
it reminds me vaguely of a mark that might be on a vintage sail,
with this year's date stamp.
i am a screenprinting novice for sure, but i also
like that the rough quality and bleeding around
the edges works well with the fabric/overall aesthetic.
also, i added in some U-rings so i could make a shoulder
strap to go on this bag if i want. 

the cons:    
i should've started simpler!  there were a few construction details 
i was unsure of. i was just kind of sewing on a whim.
i think i will start back at square one, and make a
simple zippered cosmetic bag.  and then build from there.
also, i just saw the contest the other day so i made this up 
really quick this weekend.

anyway, it was a fun little project. thanks for the 
contest and the kick start, lil blue boo!

i have so many other projects i've been 
working on that i need to show... 
hopefully i will get used to posting more often!


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