funny ha ha or funny faux pas?

i'm not usually big on collars.  most collared items in my closet never get worn. they are the ones that get pushed to the back or packed away in boxes (or somehow stay in my dirty laundry basket through multiple laundry days).  sure, i have one gingham button up i wear.  the notched collar on my trench is fine... and there are definitely types of collars that are exceptions, like cowls and huge fold-over collars that i like.

but flat collars?  i thought they were hideous.  just last semester i had to make a baby dress with the requirement of a flat collar.  blah.

but now.... i find images of clothing with flat collars stacking up in my inspiration folder.  we are learning about collars in my patternmaking class and i am excited to try out peter pan styles.  ahhhh! it's so funny how times and styles change. and suddenly i am liking some flat collared styles.  [same thing happened with skinny jeans.  i was very stubborn and wouldn't wear them for quite some time.  now that's all i wear.  and i am always saying that i hope they stick around for a while, long enough for me to put my unborn daughter in them.  little girls are so cute in skinny jeans.]  okay back to collars.

here is a small roundup of my favorite flat collars.

possibly my favorite outfit ever

granny...but cute?

three from modcloth

and this sweater from urban outfitters doesn't even have a collar. but it is a little bit reminiscent of one.

so... what do you think? do you like this trend? or am i way off base?

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