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isn't it amazing that some bloggers [and regular people, i suppose] get up and get dressed and ready and look stylish and wear makeup every morning?  they pick out great outfits and do their hair, accessorize....the works.  i won't get into the details of my outfitting neglect but let's just say i wouldn't have many posts if i were just blogging about my daily outfits.  

that being said, i love that people out there DO blog about their great ensembles!  i see so many wardrobes that i covet that are a mix of new and thrifted and handmade clothes.  i find their photos inspiring and i save the ones i love in hopes that i'll be so put together myself someday.. ha ha.

i have a few favorite places to find outfit inspirations.

this link takes you to mydailystyle's "looks" archive written by a cool, super fashionable girl in spain.  i love her style and wish i had her clothes....  she blogs about fashion in general and also posts her own outfits at least once a week.
one of my favs.

i also like to peruse katy at kansas couture's "daily style" archives for cute outfits with vintage pieces mixed in. 
a cute outfit she posted lately.

lookbook is an interesting site with a neverending supply of outfits posted by contributors.  most of the looks are a little too extreme for me on this place, but there are also lots of great ones if you spend the time.

i recently found this website yatt with a lookbook of their latest collection.  
loved this casual look i came across.

and of course, aside from bloggers, who doesn't look forward to when anthro comes up with new outfits?  i don't know if this happens once a month, maybe bi-monthly? but i am always sure to get a couple screen shots of my favorites to archive.  their newest collection, in the news is up...

like the layers on this one                            and i would love to jump into this
i never love every single outfit anthro does. but i always love at least one or two.  

freepeople also puts up outfits monthly.  they are usually hit or miss but i do love so many individual pieces at free people.

j. crew has also been known to put up lookbooks now and then.  the new fall "looks we love" had a couple of looks that i loved...

anyone have any go-to outfit inspiration sites to add to the round-up?  anything you can't wait to see each week/month?  i just keep hoping that the more i look at the inspirations, the more inclined i'll be to put thought into my own outfits!

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